Full body integration with a band

Fell the power as well as the release of unnecessary tension that comes from working with a band.
Is balance and efficient, graceful movement important to you?
If it is, than it‘s worth to participate in this meeting 🙂

During the workshop we‘re going to use long bands in mat repertoire exercises. With a help from the bands we‘re going to focus on more complete experience of whole body integration in a way that gives positive effects right away. Therefore, there will be additional exercises strengthening shoulder girdle, back and arms to work on the balance between the upper and lower body. The experience of shoulders and arms as separate from, but at the same time connected, to the central skeleton – the spine, creates more efficient and free movement. On the other hand, the concept of integration with the core is the interpretation of the pilates method where the work with your body frees your potential through awakening consciousness and correct work that brings effective and lasting results.

Workshop dedicated for instructors with at least Mat certificate.

Date: June 20th (Saturday)

Duration: 3 h
Time: 3.00 – 6.15 p.m.

ADP points for continuing education: 3 pts

Workshop in Polish and English.

– 300 pln – regular price
– 250 pln for Diamond Pilates Academy members

Teacher: Ilona Włodarczyk MASTER TEACHER

Sign up till April 24th.