Jumping on the Reformer. Alignment, power, lightness and joy

Are you familiar with jumping on the reformer? It is fabulous to try it!
Join us and immerse in a fascinating way of jumping on the reformer. Experience dynamic and subtle work in different dimension. Improve the alignment and release your power.
Have fun and lots of joy!
Firstly we’ll focus on proper posture and foot work. We’ll learn how to warm up and mobilize the feet and hips for free and fluid movement. Secondly we will study how to jump efficiently. Then we practice jumping in different positions and perform graceful choreography to challenge the core control and build up the power.
Jumping on the reformer teaches core control, makes the movement lighter and smoother. It enhances focus, coordination and gives proper dynamic to the movement.
Who is this workshop for?
For instructors who have completed mat course and have two years of self practice of pilates.

Date: March 7th 2020
Duration: 3 h
Time: 2.45 – 6.00 p.m.
DPA CEC’s : 3

– 250 PLN Diamond Pilates Academy members
– 300 PLN Diamond Pilates Academy non-members

Language: Polish and English

Teacher: Ilona Włodarczyk