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2004-2024 Celebrating 20 Years of Diamond Pilates

The first professional Pilates Studio in Poland



We offer individual and group class at Diamond Pilates Studio in Warsaw or ON-LINE.



Diamond Pilates Academy offers professional educations for Pilates instructors. Our courses and workshops take place in Warsaw and since 2020 also at our branch in Cracow.




In our on-line shop you’ll find videos with lessons and exercises as well as ADP manuals.


Our mission

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  Diamond Pilates Mission

Teaching pilates is an amazing path where the teacher becomes the student of their protege. Gift of helping others with one’s skills and talents is a value in itself. Empowering work with a client by improving condition and well-being is invaluable like a diamond. We believe that harmony of body, mind and spirit is a natural right of every human being. In our work and contact with another person we emphasize empathy and kindness. By listening to what they come with we can help our clients as much as we can.

The mission of Diamond Pilates is to help others to return and/or keep great agility and good mood. We are open to another person. Individual approach is the most effective in pilates, because that way all the details are being noticed, which determines the effect of the work. During session we select exercises that suit the needs of particular client, so they can work in their potential. Therefore we are oriented at individual and duet sessions. Although, we notice the need to work in small groups, so we also offer group class for 3 to 4 participants. The work in such a group is still focused on individual needs of people integrating together in an inspirational practice at the same time.

Diamond Pilates exists since 2004. It was created by two sisters, Ilona and Bożena Włodarczyk. In those days pilates wasn’t known in Poland hence the need for study abroad. Out of passion and desire to get to the source of this method we completed courses at many schools so that in the future we could create the Academy where future pilates instructors could learn and gain experience. Couple years after opening the Studio we established the Diamond Pilates Academy.

For over ten years our teacher training program is taught with very good result. The role of the Academy is to build a community that „speaks“ common pilates language and is aimed at the highest good of other human being.

Our Studio, as well as the Academy are constantly developing. Instructors who work at the Studio completed Diamond Academy courses and have the desire to share their knowledge with enthusiasm and commitment.

Welcome to cooperate with us across a wide range of our activity.

Our motto is:

„ Hone your movement and shape like a Diamond“


„Pilates was a life change! I felt good from the first class. My posture evolved, I got stronger, more flexible and opened, more aware of my body weaknesses and how to improve them slowly but surely under guidance of coach. I feel there is a life before and after I started Pilates. It is extremely satisfying to observe constant progression. Like being in a positive flow. I am honored to benefit from an instructor with such a vast knowledge, experience, kindness and willingness to make the best out of me. Individual classes are each time a new adventure in the pilates world that the trainer is opening doors for me.”




„I have increased core strength and control. I am able to keep better posture and form when I am doing other exercises, fitness, and in daily life. I really appreciate Ilona’s attention to detail and that she can balance challenging me physically with a sense of freedom and fun and joy. I like how sometimes the “mood” changes- sometimes there is some sort of aromatherapy, sometimes the room is with more dim lights, sometimes music. Thank you for bringing more strength and calm and joy to my life- there have been many times when I feel a sense of play, or think, “I haven’t done that since I was a kid!”




„Pilates has made me feel calmer and better about myself. Ilona is very patient but also pushes me to do more. I feel very confident with Ilona.”




,,I started Pilates almost 5 years ago in Vienna, and I began to train in Diamond Studio two years and a half ago. I have back problems and I immediately felt the improvement after few private lessons with Ilona. I feel much better in general, and had no severe pain since then. I miss my trainings during holidays breaks and feel generally more confident with my body, especially when I travel. I like the professionalism and the amazing level of knowledge of my teacher, the studio is always warm, clean and the amount of equipment and possibilities implies that the lessons are never boring. The localisation of the studio is perfect for me, even if the building is not “that attractive” at the first sight, I appreciate the close parking as well! So, my lessons in the studio are really part of the good quality of life I have in Warsaw.”


Paule Belison

,,First of all, Pilates training allowed me to prepare and run successfully 5 marathons (plus several half-marathons) without suffering major injuries.  It gave me the strength and the flexibility necessary to keep running at a decent level until my current age (51) which is quite an accomplishment 😉
Pilates training made me able to run, walk and seat better. Naturally. Gradually. Thanks to your holistic approach, I learned to listen to my body, to work with more attention, patience, and courage.
These trainings haven’t been repeated and repeated based on a Pilates manual or so … but they were high-professionally personalized, adapted to me, taylor-made to work on my weakest points.
Moreover, The weekly trainings had brought me priceless moments of concentration, challenge and joy that are difficult to describe”



Expand your knowledge in Pilates method

In our on-line store you’ll find Diamond Pilates Academy manuals as well as videos with lessons and exercises.

“To breathe correctly you must completely exhale…always trying very hard to “squeeze” every atom of impure air from your lungs in much the same manner that you would wring every drop of water from a wet cloth.”


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