2004-2024 Celebrating

20 Years of Diamond Authentic Pilates




20 Years of

Diamond Authentic Pilates



2004-2024 Celebrating 20 Years of Diamond







The training consists of 5 weekend meetings.
Includes basic and intermediate levels
Mat, Reformer and Chairs.

Enrollment is until April 15, 2024

11– 12 May Mat

22 -23 June Reformer

24-25 August Reformer

19-20 October Chair

23 November Chair


start 2025

The training consists of 5 weekend meetings.
Includes basic and intermediate levels
Mat, Reformer and Chairs

Enrollment is until January 20, 2025

22-23 February Mat

26-27 April Reformer

26-27 June Mat/Chair

2-3 August Reformer

27-28 August Chair

start 2025

The training consists of the weekend meetings listed below.
Includes basic and intermediate levels
Cadillac, Barrels and small equipment.

Enrollment is until February 15, 2025

7-9 March (3 days) Cadillac

10-11 May Barrels

4-6 July (3 days)  Cadillac

20-21 September Barrels


Summer Session:

Enrollment until April 17, 2024

17 – 19 May

Winter Session:

Enrollment until November 10, 2024

29 November – 1 December


It is a teacher training course for pilates instructors, who have Comprehensive Pilates Education Certificate with advanced program included.
Click hear to read about the program, learn about qualifications requirements, price and dates of the course.




We have been training pilates instructors since 2008. Our Master Teachers are: Ilona Włodarczyk – the author of the program and Bożena Włodarczyk – the initiator of the founding of the Academy. Our pilates teacher training program meets the international standards. It consists of Joseph H. Pilates original exercises and modern modifications.


We want you to use the acquired knowledge in practice. During the training, you will practice the exercises and learn how to perform them correctly. You will learn to respond tothe various needs of clients and choose the right exercises for the individual abilities of the practitioners. You will prove yourself in conducting individual and group classes. Relax! You will be thoroughly prepared for these classes.


Our experience, knowledge and commitment will help you see all the nuances necessary to master individual exercises and understand the Pilates method as a whole system by practicing on professional apparatus created by J.H. Pilates. There is an inspiring, motivating and cheerful atmosphere at the trainings.


When you decide to participate in comprehensive course you’ll take part in all modules learning & practicing & teaching exercises on mat and apparatus. This will provide you deeper understanging of the whole Pilates Method and develop passion toward it. Parts I and II cover basic and intermediate levels of the program while part III will broaden your knowledge on advanced level.

Check schedule of upcoming courses

Pilates Instructor Comprehensive Program – Intermediate (part I)

Modules: Mat, Reformer, Chairs


Weekend learning mode
in Warsaw or on-line

262-279 hours of training

Congratulatory letter that validate the skills
after passing an exam

 Pilates Instructor Comprehensive Program – Intermediate (part II)

Modules: Cadillac, Barrels

Weekend learning mode
in Warsaw or on-line

260-277 hours of training

Certificate: Pilates Instructor – Comprehensive Program – Intermediate
after passing exams after parts I and II

 Pilates Instructor Comprehensive Program – Advanced
(part III)

Modules: Mat, Reformer, Chairs, Cadillac, Barrels

Weekend learning mode
in Warsaw or on-line

290-307 hours of training

Certificate: Pilates Instructor – Comprehensive Program – Advanced
after passing an exam


Each course corresponds to one module from intermediate course and introduces one kind of equipment. Every modular course ends with an exam. After completing all of the modular courses and passing exams you’ll recieve Certificate: Pilates Instructor – Comprehensive Program – Intermediate 

Check schedule of upcoming courses

instuktor pilatesu Ilona


My name is Ilona. I’ve built the teacher training program for Diamond Pilates Academy and it’s my pleasure to teach all of the courses. I hold a Master Teacher title. I am continously working on further development of my skills. 

,,Experience the fulness of life in harmony of BODY, MIND AND SOUL through inspirational actions.”


Host of the webinar:
Master Teacher
Ilona Włodarczyk


Need more info?

Leave your e-mail in the form and we’ll send you free webinar about courses at Diamond Pilates Academy.

You’ll get to know:

  • program & special features of our uniqe teacher training courses and which one fits your current needs the most
  • how through learning with us you will gain a lot of specialist knowledge and practice to become ready to conduct both individual and group classes
  • what to expect when joining Diamond Academy student community and what is the atmosphere at the course
  • what document you will receive after course completion and when do we issue certificates



Each course includes 3 parts:

Part I - Weekend meetings

Course group meetings conducted by the author of the course program, Ilona Włodarczyk. During the meetings you learn how to perform the exercises and thoroughly study their technique. Depending on the course level, you also discuss the topics such as anatomy, biomechanics, Pilates principles, correct posture, teaching group and individual classes.

Part II - Completing the Credits

Each participant receives a Credits Card where they collect signatures for each credit that they have finished. Time for completing all of the credits is 1 year (for Comprehensive Course on advanced level – 1,5 year).

Some of the credits are done during 3 additional Credits meetings. Each meeting takes place during one day at weekend. Within these meetings are conducted workshops, seminars and masters’ classes depending on the course level.

Below you will find the description of each credit. ↓

Self practice

Course participant devotes specific amount of time to practice on their own the exercises discussed during the course. That way they have the space to feel particular exercises in their body and perfect the repertoire at their own pace.

Silent workout

The task is to perform Pilates exercise repertoire on given apparatus or on mat to the course teacher. The demonstration happens “in silence”, with no interruptions. Afterwards, the teacher discusses their remarks concerning the training with the student. .

Teaching classes

Student teaches individual and group classes. After the lesson there is time devoted to discuss the way of teaching and the class program. Student achieves an experience of teaching classes and a feedback form participants about their strong points as well as some tips on what they could work on.


Learning how to teach classes through the observation of lessons at professional Pilates studio. This allows to explore topics like creating lesson program, exercise modification adjusted for specific client needs and using different kinds of cues.

Teaching a client and presentations

The task is to teach a set of lessons for specific client (it can be a family member, a friend or a client at the workplace). The work with the client is then described in a presentation. Student receives the model presentation to fill out and the guidelines on how to prepare it. Completed presentation is discussed and displayed for the course teacher.

Books and videos

Student devotes specific amount of time on exploring the course topic through research and reading books, articles or watching videos. This task allows to deepen the subjects that are most interesting for the student as well as to thoroughly analyse issues that are harder for them to grasp.

Part III - Exam

After completing Part I & II of the course you will receive conglaturatory letter and then you can sign up for an exam.

Exams are held regularly: at the turn of May and June and at the turn of December and November. Exam is paid separately.

What documents you will receive after passing exam you’ll learn by watching webinar about courses. You can watch the webinar after you fill in the form that is placed above. Go to section with webinar →

Moreover during the course you’ll take part in educational activities sucha as:
Seminars, workshops, master lessons and more…


Check the price list

Comprehensive courses

 part I    12 500 pln
part II   12 500 pln
part III 12 500 pln
Exam 750 pln

Modules of part I intermediate

Mat 4  500 pln
Reformer 5  000 pln
Chairs   4  500 pln
Exam 400 pln

Modules of part II intermediate

  Cadillac     8 000 pln
Barrels    6 000 pln
  Exam 400 pln



Fill in and send us registration form

In order to book a spot on a course it is obligatory to pay 30% of course total cost (I instalment) within 5 days from sending the form

The remaining part of course total cost is required to be paid at latest one month before the course starts.

Make payment to the account:

ING Bank Śląski
11 1050 1025 1000 0022 8561 1279
In the transfer title write: “I instalment, course name and participant’s name”.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the course for reasons independent from them.

Refunds in case student resigns
1. We refund 50 % of total price when resignation is made more than 14 days before the course starts.
2. Student pays total price when resignation is made 14 days or less before the course starts.



Zdecydowanie polecam Akademie Diamond Pilates każdemu kto decyduje się wejść w piękną drogę nauczania tego systemu. Szkolenie solidnie przygotowuje przyszłego instruktora zarówno pod względem wiedzy jak i praktyki także po ukończeniu czułam się gotowa do dzielenia moja pasją z innymi. Ilona świetnie wytłumaczyła ćwiczenia i modyfikacje i chętnie dzieliła się swoim ogromnym doświadczeniem a samo szkolenie przebiegało w bardzo przyjemnej, inspirującej atmosferze 🙂 niewątpliwym atutem jest możliwość nauki na każdym sprzęcie, nawet klasycznym typu Ped-O-Pul czy Foot Corrector co było dla mnie ważne przy wyborze odpowiedniego szkolenia. Tak wiec polecam gorąco!!


Niezbędna teoria została przedstawiona w atrakcyjny sposób. Wstęp teoretyczny nie przyćmił jednak części praktycznej, która stanowiła właściwą niezwykle rozbudowaną część szkolenia. Dzięki zastosowaniu aktywnych metod, angażujących wszystkich uczestników, przyswojoną teorię można było sprawdzić w praktyce, szybko weryfikując ewentualne błędy. Założone przed rozpoczęciem szkolenia cele zostały zrealizowane, a otrzymane podręczniki z dużą ilością zdjęć cały czas są pomoce dają duże wsparcie.


Super atmosfera, wysoki poziom wiedzy osoby szkolącej. Barwne i bardzo profesjonalne prowadzenie szkolenia.


Współpraca z Iloną, jej zaangażowanie i wiedza pomogły mi odkryć swój własny potencjał i upewniły mnie, że uczenie Pilatesa jest moją drogą.


I fell in love with Pilates. I believe that it is an amazing base for a correct and strong body. During the course I learned to work from my mind and to listen to my body. Understanding the movement made me feel I can do anything. I started a new journey with Ilona. Her experience and professionality is a gift. She gave me a lot of tools and made me feel confident with the world of Pilates. I will never forget that she believed in me and did not let me give up. My advice to future students is that you need time and patience, do not hurry up. Be committed.


Po szkoleniu w Akademii Diamond Pilates trening na macie stał się dla mnie przejrzysty, logiczny i bardzo dobrze zorganizowany. Zbudowałem fundamenty i szacunek do własnych ograniczeń. Szkolenia w ADP to szkolenia dla wymagających i szczerze zainteresowanych tematem. Polecam z całego serducha 🙂


I have been a passionate Pilates practitioner for years. Moving to Poland in 2017 as an expat I decided to turn my hobby into a professional knowledge. Since I didn’t know anybody nor the Pilates scene, I was researching via web for the best Pilates studios in Warsaw. I noticed very quickly that Diamond Pilates Studio is the best choice as the owners are extremely experienced and have opened the first professional Pilates studio in Poland.
Through my work with Ilona I started to think about the movement more and in depth. Also my understanding of the Pilates principle and each exercise has improved drastically. I’ve discovered new possibilities and I’ve gained confidence in my body. I am grateful that I chose Diamond Pilates Studio & Academy for my education and can recommend it to all interested students and say that quality should always be your priority in education.


Szkolenie Kompleksowe dało mi pokorę do większej pracy. Podczas kursu wprowadziłam nowe elementy do swojej pracy nad ciałem, zwróciłam uwagę na detale, nad którymi ciągle muszę pracować. Dostrzegłam też jak praca na macie uzupełnia się w pracy na sprzęcie.



See the list of graduates


Country of orgin


Certyficate issue date



Bakic Katarina Croatia Zagreb 4. 02. 2019 Mat kbakicvujicic@gmail.com
Citkoylu Oruk Fatma Turkey Izmir 4. 02. 2019 Mat fatmaoruk@hotmail.com
Kaźmierczak Miłosz Poland Warszawa 23. 05. 2021 Comprehensive teacher training Intermediate milosz.kazmierczak.milo@gmail.com
Pawlik Kasia Poland Józefów 23.05.2021 Comprehensive teacher training Intermediate


Tomaszewski Patryk Poland Warszawa 25. 05. 2022 Comprehensive teacher training Advanced patrykgapa@interia.pl
Wilczek-Pasikowska Ewa Poland Warszawa 26.11.2021 Comprehensive teacher training Intermediate ewa.gutpasikowska@gmail.com
Wiśniewska Danuta Poland Rybnik 25. 05. 2022 Comprehensive teacher training Advanced fizjoterapiadw@gmail.com
Yahav Inbal Israel Netiv HaAsara

23. 05. 2020


Mat Advanced

Reformer Advanced



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