Ilona Włodarczyk

Master Teacher, author, educator and coach

My name is Ilona Włodarczyk. I am an expert in pilates method and I am passionate about natural and heatlhy life style. I am a master trainer of Pilates, a diet coach and „Happy for no reason“ trainer. I have 19 years of experience in conducting Pilates classes: individual and group sessions including on-line sessions.

In 2004 together with my sister Bożena  we founded prestigious Studio Diamond Plates in Warsaw.  In 2008 we established Diamond Pilates Academy. Since then I’ve been training professional Pilates trainers according to the program that I had created.

I am the author of 15 manuals for instructors in two languages: Polish and English. I’m also co-author of the book: „Pilates z drobnymi przyrządami“ written only in polish. 

My professional qualifications

I graduated from two international schools of Polestar Pilates, Stott Pilates and I did Master Teacher program in The Pilates Center, USA. I have participated at many international Pilates conferences.

I’m learning  from the best. In Pilates my mentors among others are sisters Amy Taylor and Rachel Segal Alpers, Pat Guyton, Jillian Hessel. I learned diet coaching from Urszula Mijałkowska. In the field of personal development I learn from Marci Shimoff.

For over 12 years I have been focusing on personal developmntand constantly I am upgrading my professional qualifications. At work as an educator, trainer, coach I bring out the best in people, I help them to see new opportunities and achieve their goals. I am fascinated and inspried in human body potential development and I assist very one who wants to expand their capabilities through movement. I  train in Polish, English and Spanish.

What is pilates for me?

For me, Pilates is a journey on which I can constantly develop, help people, create new workshops and broaden and deepen teacher training program and meet a lot of interesting people. Pilates empowers me, grounds me in my body and makes me joyful, free and fulfilled.

Experience the fulness of life in harmony of BODY, MIND AND SOUL through inspirational actions.”

Hobbies and leisure

Privately, I love to commune with nature and stay in sunny places, ride a bike in the mountains, bathe in ocean and recently I develop my skills in surfing. Travelling is a part of my soul open to explore interesting places, taste delicious and healthy food, get to know inspiring people and take new challenges. I love cooking and composing new flavor combinations. Making delicious, vital sweets for pysically active people brings me a lot of joy 🙂 I’m a dog lover, I have a tibetan terier, called Burbon.

My motto:

,,Speech is silver, silence gold and action is a diamond”


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