Miłosz Kaźmierczak



I am Pilates instructor for five years. I obtained my qualifications in Open Mind school. Currently I continue my education in Diamond Pilates Academy.

In Diamond Pilates Studio and Academy I teach Pilates class on mat and chairs. I’m also engaged, among other things, in organizing courses and workshops, promotion and development of the Studio and Academy. Work at Diamond Pilates is for me very inspiring and developing experience and I’m very grateful that I’m here.

During class I take care on individual approach to every client so that Pilates method can give them what they, at the moment, need the most. I constantly develop my knowledge and skills on courses, workshops as well as in every day work with clients.

I became familiar with Pilates method as a supportive technique for dancers. Then I discovered that it is what I want to do professionally and I decided to become Pilates instructor. To this day I appreciate the impact that my practice of classical and contemporary dance for many years had on my body awareness and understanding of movement.

What I appreciate the most in Pilates method is that it is suitable for every person who wants to practice it, regardless of their physique, physical ability and life style. The thing that matters the most is the willing to exercise. Pilates practice develops body awareness, allows the practitioner to learn a lot about their body and build connection with the body. In Pilates practice there is always space to progress for every person on different stages of body work. I experienced it myself and I want to share this knowledge and experience with people that I work with.

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