Courses schedule

Part I Intermediate Mat+Reformer +Chairs

Registration till January 21st 2022.

February 26 – 27th 2022

March 26 – 27th 2022

April 23 – 24th 2022

May 28 – 29th 2022

July 2 – 3th 2022

You can sign up for one/a couple of modules: MAT, REFORMER or CHAIRS or for complete course.


Part II Intermediate Cadillac+Barrels

Registration till March 4th.

 April 9-10th 2022

May 7-8th 2022

June 25-26th 2022

July 16-17th 2022

August 20-21st 2022

You can sign up for one: CADILLAC or BARRELS or for complete course.


Part III Advanced Mat+Reformer+Chairs +Cadillac+Barrels

Registration till August 12th 2022.

September 17-18th 2022

October 15-16th 2022

November 19-20th 2022

December 17-18th 2022

January 21-22nd 2023

You can sign up for one/a couple of modules: MAT, REFORMER, CHAIRS, CADILLAC or BARRELS or for complete course.



November 26-27th 2021

May 20-21st 2022



Diamond Pilates Academy offers Comprehensive Courses that include a couple of modules within each part (see the chart below). Modules are particular appparatus on given level. Within each part you can participate in Comprehensive Course – complete course or in Modular Course – module/modules chose by the student (Mat, Reformer, Chairs, Cadillac, Barrels).


After each part, you take the exam. After completing both intermediate parts (Part I and II) and passing the exams, you’ll receive Certificate: Pilates Instructor – Comprehensive Program – Intermediate. After completing advanced level (Part III) and passing the exam, you’ll receive Certificate: Pilates Instructor – Comprehensive Program – Advanced.


In a case of participating in chosen modules, after each module, you can take the exam. After passing the exam you will receive Certificate: Pilates Instructor – Mat/Reformer/Chairs/Cadillac/Barrels – Intermediate /Advanced. After completing all modules of both intermediate parts and passing the exams, you’ll receive Certificate: Pilates Instructor – Comprehensive Program – Intermediate. After finishing all modules of advanced part and passing the exams, you’ll receive Certificate: Pilates Instructor – Comprehensive Program – Advanced.


Diamond Pilates Academy also BRIDGE INTERMEDIATE course. MORE INFORMATION


Ilona Włodarczyk


Ilona and her sister, Bożena opened professional Pilates studio in 2004 and in 2008 they formed Diamond Pilates Academy.

Ilona is certified teacher of two renowned Pilates schools. She and Bożena are the only ones in Poland holding the “Master Teacher” title of one of the oldest classical Pilates schools in USA. Ilona holds Certified Pilates Teacher diploma – granted by Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) in USA.

Ilona is the author of teacher training program at the Academy, that was developed according to original Joseph Pilates method. She has written 10 course manuals. She teaches instructors in the field of classical exercises on mat, reformer, cadillac, chair and barrels. In 2011 she and Bożena published a book “Pilates z drobnymi przyrządami” (“Pilates with small props”).

Ilona also wrote her original workshops approved by PMA: “Reformer on arc barrel”, “Variations of rotation”, “Correct posture”, “Body integration with magic circle”, “Balance with foam roller”. Ilona is a mentor for instructors in Diamond Pilates Academy. She created Diamond Club, which gathers Pilates instructors with the goal of their professional development.

In her work, Ilona focuses on client’s goals and works to achieve them. Her area of interest in Pilates method is strong and flexible spine. During class she adapts exercises to the abilities, needs and mood of the client or group.

Ilona’s another passion is healthy nutrition. She graduated SGGW with a degree in dietetics. She is a certified diet coach. In diet coaching she especially focuses on active listening and working in a way that helps the client to discover the best solutions for themselves.

In her free time Ilona likes to has contact with nature. She goes for a bikewalks with her dog in the forrest and swims or danceShe loves to prepare healthy and tasteful food and desserts are her speciality.

What is PILATES for ILONA?

For me, Pilates is a journey on which I can constantly develop, help people, create new workshops and broaden and deepen teacher training program and meet a lot of interesting people. Pilates empowers me, grounds me in my body and makes me joyful, free and fulfilled.

“Experience the fulness of life in harmony of BODY, MIND AND SOUL through inspirational actions.”

Teaching pilates is an amazing path where the teacher becomes the student of their protege. Gift of helping others with one’s skills and talents is a value in itself. Empowering work with a client by improving condition and well-being is invaluable like a diamond. We believe that harmony of body, mind and spirit is a natural right of every human being. In our work and contact with another person we emphasize empathy and kindness. By listening to what they come with we can help our clients as much as we can.

The mission of Diamond Pilates is to help others to return and/or keep great agility and good mood. We are open to another person. Individual approach is the most effective in pilates, because that way all the details are being noticed, which determines the effect of the work. During session we select exercises that suit the needs of particular client, so they can work in their potential. Therefore we are oriented at individual and duet sessions. Although, we notice the need to work in small groups, so we also offer group class for 3 to 4 participants. The work in such a group is still focused on individual needs of people integrating together in an inspirational practice at the same time.

Diamond Pilates exists since 2004. It was created by two sisters, Ilona and Bożena Włodarczyk. In those days pilates wasn’t known in Poland hence the need for study abroad. Out of passion and desire to get to the source of this method we completed courses at many schools so that in the future we could create the Academy where future pilates instructors could learn and gain experience. Couple years after opening the Studio we established the Diamond Pilates Academy.

For over ten years our teacher training program is taught with very good result. The role of the Academy is to build a community that „speaks“ common pilates language and is aimed at the highest good of other human being.

Our Studio, as well as the Academy are constantly developing. Instructors who work at the Studio completed Diamond Academy courses and have the desire to share their knowledge with enthusiasm and commitment.

Welcome to cooperate with us across a wide range of our activity.

Our motto is:

„ Hone your movement and shape like a Diamond“

Do you want to become a Pilates instructor and wonder where to start?

Or maybe you want to plan further education to increase your competences?

Read about the path of instructor’s development offered by Diamond Pilates Academy!








Course price list

You can register for one/a couple of modules or for the complete course.

Płatność za szkolenia

It is obligatory to pay 30% of course total cost (I installment) within 5 days from sending the form in order to book a spot on a course. The remaining part is required to be paid at latest one month before the course starts.

If you want to pay in more instalments, write to us:

Bank account:

ING Bank Śląski
11 1050 1025 1000 0022 8561 1279
In the transfer title write: “I instalment, course name and participant’s name”.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the course for reasons independent from them.

Refunds in case student resigns
1. We refund 50 % of total price when resignation is made more than 14 days before the course starts.
2. Student pays total price when resignation is made 14 days or less before the course starts.

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