Bożena Włodarczyk

Master Teacher


Co-owner and co-founder of the first professional Pilates Studio in Poland established in 2004. She graduated SGH and for a couple of years she was the director of German HR consulting company. Bożena involved in sport in elementary school when she was in physics class and was intensely training handball for 10 years. Including two last years in league team. When she was at university she was training basketball and played on the university team. Bożena became passionate about teaching Pilates when she discovered its benefits for herself and realized how Pilates can build strength and develop body awareness.She obtained her qualifications in Germany, Great Britain and USA. She is certified teacher of two biggest Pilates schools and holds “Master Teacher” title of one of the oldest classical Pilates schools in USA.

In Diamond Pilates Academy she is co-author of the series of workshops that inspire the clients as well as certified instructors with interesting modifications of exercises and application of small props like rollers, circles, balls, bands in classical exercises.

Bożena likes to help others and to teach them how to find connection between body and mind through Pilates. She deeply believes that key Pilates principles such as correct posture, proper breathing and focused attention improve body and mind and increase quality of life every day.

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