Ingredients: 4 portions

2 cups of powdered sweet or brown rice
2 cups of water
2 table spoons of shiro miso
2 small spoons of buckwheat husk
2 small spoons of rice bran
2 small spoons of matzah


Option 1: grind sweet rice in a blender into flour so that you will get 2 full cups. Then, mix powdered rice with 2 cups of water. Mix it well.

Option 2: Soak 2 cups of sweet rice in 2 cups of water over night or for a couple of hours. Then, gradually put soaked rice along with the water in a blender and mix slowly till you get homogenous consistency. If the mass is too dense, add a little bit of water.

Option 1 and 2: Steam prepared rice mass on medium heat with the lid on for 1,5 h. Near the end lift up the lid and stir well before the mochi is ready. Leave the rice paste to cool down and then put it on a baking sheet on a plate.

At the end:

Before serving split the mochi into a couple fo pieces and heat it in the oven or steam it. While it’s heating, prepare a sauce with shiro miso i.e with white rice. Dissolve 2 table spoons of shiro miso in a small amount of water till you get liquid and viscous consistency. Pour every portion of warmed up miso with this sauce and then sprinkle delicately with buckwheat husk, matzah and rice bran.