10 pieces




– 100g (1 i 3/4 glass) of thin rice noodles, soaked beforehand in hot water for only 2 – 3 minutes

– head of lettuce (put away a couple of whole leafs and tear the rest to medium pieces)

– 80g (1 i ½ glass) bean sprouts

– 1-2 raw carrots strained with a grader through large holes

– 150g of flavoured tofu – steamed and cut into small cubes

– 10 sheets of round rice paper for wrapping




Soak well the noodles and cut it in half. Prepare all of the other ingredients in separate bowls. Then, take rice paper, soak it for a dozen seconds in lukewarm water so it will get soft. Put soaked paper on a big cutting broad, put a leaf of lettuce on the middle of paper sheet and a little bit of every ingredient, wrap so that you will cover all of the filling; fold paper from the sides to the middle, wrap entirely and seal it. Serve on lettuce leafs with tahini sauce.