Workshop Magic Circle & Tensatoner 


I: December 16th 2022 (Friday) 2.305.45 p.m. (15 min break)
Part II: July 27th 2023 (Thursday), 2.305.45 p.m. (15 min break)

3 h 15 min

ADP’s continuing education point
: 3 pts

Workshop in Polish and English.

Workshop consists of two separate parts. We practice and learn. Workshop begins with short presentation of Magic circle and Tensatoner that is followed by exercises. During practice of exercises you will get to know what was the purpose of creating Magic circle and Tensatoner (previous name: Tens-o-meter) and you will learn how to use them to train more efficient, with more precision and to work on deeper level. The program of both parts covers original Pilates mat exercises that involve Magic circle and archival exercises of Joseph H. Pilates which introduce main uses of both accessories.

Find out how useful Magic circle & Tensatoner are in shaping and toning your body. We offer knowledge, experience and unique style of teaching in happy and inspiring atmosphere. We are committed to assist anyone who wants to reach for more and develop his potential.

We invite you for practice and finding more joy of life :)

Everyone who knows mat exercises and who has completed mat course is welcome to sign up. If you want to register for part II, you have to participate in part I first.

Teacher: Ilona Włodarczyk

Price list:

Cost of buying 1 part:
400 PLN – Diamond Pilates Academy members
500 PLN – regular price

Cost of buying 2 parts:
700 PLN – Diamond Pilates Academy members
900 PLN – regular price