Ingredients: 4 portions

1l of sugarless chokeberry juice
2,5 small spoon of agar-agar powder
2 pears
a pinch of ground carnations


Jelly: Pour almost all of the juice to the pot and boil it. Mix the rest of the juice with agar in a cup so that it will dissolve. When juice is boiled, gradually pour the mixture of juice with agar with constant stirring so that it will dissolve well. Reduce heat and cook for a couple more minutes. Remove it from heat, pour to 4 bowls and leave to cool.

Mousse: Wash and peel the pears. Cut to medium pieces and remove inedible parts. Pour a bit of hot water to the pot and throw in pears. Add a pinch of ground carnations and cook for a couple of minutes until the pears soften a little. Then remove it form heat and mix with a blender.

At the end: Slice jelly into pieces and pour with pear mousse. Serve with a slice of pear on the top as a decoration.