1) Program description

BRIDGE I program is dedicated for teachers who finished complete program of Pilates teacher training course on all apparatus and mat on intermediate level and want to get to know the program and the way of work of Diamond Pilates. BRIDGE I program lasts for 12 months and covers 300 h.

BRIDGE I teacher training course includes:

  • Stage I – weekend meetings: 72 h, which include:

    • course Part I: Mat/Reformer/ChairsI and a lectureCorrect posture”

    • course Part II: Cadillac/ Ladder barrelI and Small props

  • Stage II – completing of obligatory activities – Tasks card:

    • Mentor meetings: 2 h

    • Self practice: 110 h

    • Silent training: 9 h

    • Teaching a client: 40 h

    • Observations: 10 h

    • Presentations: 1,5 h

    • Teaching classes: 5 group and 2 individual (small props and ladder barrel)

    • Book and videos: 43 h

    • Partial exambasic program: 3 h (see point 6.)


2) Requirements

Prospective students have completed intermediate course on all apparatus and mat at different school, that meets international requirements of teaching Pilates (450 h). In order to confirm finished course student has to submit valid certificate. Person who signs up for the course is an adult and free from injuries.


3) Registration and qualification procedures

Before registration for BRIDGE I course, participant has an obligation to pass qualification process that verifies their skills. It’s a single meeting (about 2 h) that includes:

  • Teaching a client: applicant teaches a class on Reformer and Wall unit (50 minutes) for Diamond Pilates’ Master Teachers. During this lesson, the applicant presents their style of teaching and understanding of exercises.

  • Demonstration: Applicant is being observed while they, in silence, demonstrate exercises on chair and ladder barrel (50 minutes).

Payment for qualification to BRIDGE I program is 300 PLN and it has to be paid within 2 days after receiving the date of qualification meeting, on bank account number available at in theContacttab. Additionally, applicant is obliged to send the certificates of completed courses via e-mail to: Information about results of qualification process will be sent within 7 days. After receiving admission to BRIDGE I course, applicant is obliged to send registration form through website and transfer 30% of the total course costs, that is 3750 PLN to the bank account number mentioned above. The rest of the costs, 7600 PLN (price includes manuals costs) participant pays at latest 14 days before the start of the course.


4) Payment options

Student has two payment options:

1. Payment of 30% of total costs with registration and the rest of the costs 14 days before the start of the course.

2. Installments. There is a possibility of payment in installments. To get installment plan, student should send an e-mail titled “Installments” to:


5) Refunds in case of resignation

1. We refund 50% of total price when resignation is made more than 14 days before the course starts.

2. Student pays total price when resignation is made 14 days or less before the course starts.


6) Program coverage

Student participates only in intermediate part of comprehensive course pt. I and II and is present on the lecture “Correct posture”. Student studies basic level program on their own and, when they’re ready, schedules the date of practical exam “Bridge Program Basic”. Course program requires systematical work in the extent of 5-6 h a week in order to complete activities from Tasks Card (in a form of lesson observations, self practice, participating in lessons, teaching a client, watching videos and reading books on Pilates and related topics).



7) Monitoring of student’s progress

Each student has 2 h of individual meetings with their mentor teacher. These meetings aim to make sure that the student makes successive progress. It’s also a time to clarify issues within course program that are especially interesting for the student.


8) Requirements of completing the course

Attending 100 % of the weekend meetings is required. Time to complete the course is 12 months from the last weekend meeting. Course is completed when student delivers signed Tasks Card with all of the tasks finished in required time. Then, student receives congratulatory letter and can register for final exam in the closest exam session.


9) Course extension

There is a possibility to extend the date to complete the course. It’s an option for anyone who needs more time to finish all the tasks. Extension is for the time of 30 days and costs 500 PLN. Course can be prolonged a couple of times in a row, but no longer then for 6 months.

During prolongation period, student has access to on-line Student Zone with educational materials. In order to extend the course, student has to fill out and send “Course extension” form, that’s available in Student Zone. If student doesn’t finish all activities form the Tasks Card in time and doesn’t extend the course, they will be checked out from the course within a month time.


10) Course suspension

Student has a possibility of course suspension once during the time of the course. Suspension status can last no longer than 6 months. During this period all benefits will be suspended. Student can use this option in exceptional situations, like an accident, serious injury or hospitalization and they have to document it. In a case of pregnancy, suspension lasts till 6 months after the childbirth. After this time a regular course order and time to complete the course is applied again.


11) Exams

Exam regulations are available in Student Zone. Passing score is 75%. When student doesn’t pass the exam, they can take another one, which is paid independently.