Ingredients: for 1 person

  • 5 table spoons of quinoa
  • 1 big table spoon of Brazilian nut or hazelnut butter
  • a handful of finely chopped arugula or dill


Pour quinoa with a mug of hot water and cook on medium heat for 5 min. Then, lower the heat and cook for another 10 minutes. Just before the quinoa is ready, mix nut butter with half a mug of hot water, add dissolved butter and chopped arugula and mix everything well. Then, pour a little bit of boiling water so that the quinoa has semi-liquid consistency and put it in a thermos. It tastes best after 3 – 4 hours when it’s still warm and it already absorbed all of the water with butter. A raw grated beetroot salad with a small spoon of horseradish is an excellent addiction to this lunch dish.